The profile of women survivors of IPV: age, education level and country of origin

24 Nov 17

One of the main activities of the WE GO! project consisted in a data collection involving the antiviolence centres partners in the project, and 5 other centres based in Greece. The centres are based in 4 EU countries: 1 in Bulgaria, 6 in Greece, 3 in Italy and 2 in Spain. The purpose of the data collection was to contribute to build knowledge on the specific issue of the economic needs of women survivors of IPV, focusing specifically on their socio-economic characteristics.

The data collection involved a total of 552 women supported by AVCs. The privacy of the women assisted by AVCs was ensured and no sensitive/personal information was circulated outside the centres. The data below show some of the results relating to the age, education level and country of origin of the women involved.

The majority of the women involved assisted by AVCs are between 30 and 39 years old (32.5%) and between 40 and 49 (29.2%). 21.8% are aged between 18 and 29 and 16.5% are 50 years old or more.

The majority of women are well educated: 38.8% of the women have a upper secondary education and 22.7% have tertiary education. 29.6% have primary or lower secondary education and only 9% have less than primary education.

Most of the women come from the same country where the centre is based (73.5%). 18.8% come from a country outside the EU28 and only 7.2% are from another EU28 country.